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Water Care

Caring for the water in your pond is a vital part of pond maintenance. Beneficial Bacteria, a Pondbiz favorite, supports overall pond health in so many ways that no pond should be without it. A De-Chlorinator on hand is a must. A faulty auto-fill, or a forgotten garden hose can wipe out an entire fish population quite quickly. It happened once here at our retail store, but fortunately, we caught it before the fish went belly up. We added Microbelift's Aqua Extreme, and within ten minutes the fish were swimming around like nothing happened.

 Pond Care water treatments can make your pond cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable. There are a lot of different pond products out there that target specific concerns, so take your time and read the headings in each category to make sure you get the right product you're  looking for. Or just call us, we know our way around all pond troubles (877)-766-3249.  We offer several products for pond cleaning, ph control and mosquito control that make your job easier. The pond treatments we offer can solve all your water problems (well, mostly)  and the know how to help you choose what's right for your pond. Nothing replaces an adequate filtration system, however, but they will pick up the slack and solve any immediate issues. We have everything from algae control to phosphate control, and natural products like barley and  beneficial bacteria that will clean up and detoxify your pond. Always know how many gallons of water you are treating when adding any product to your pond. Improper dosing can result in fish loss or inadequate results. Use our Pond Calculator to estimate water volume, and then click on the categories below to get started. 

Keep your pond clear and free of algae so you can enjoy your beautiful plants and vibrant fish that make it their home. Read more about water care, UV Clarifiers and algae control on our blog.

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