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Tetra Pond/Koi Food

Tetra Koi & Goldfish Food | Koi Vibrance Sticks | floating Food Sticks

Tetra Pond and Koi Food
Tetra, an industry leader in pond supplies, offers a variety of nutritionally balanced Koi and Goldfish foods. Their unique shape of Pond Sticks is easy for your fish to consume and digest. It's a best seller here at Pondbiz. Tetra offers the following varieties: Koi Vibrance Sticks, Floating Food Sticks, Variety Sticks, Koi Growth Food, Flaked Fish & Pond Food, and a Spring & Fall Diet fish food. They also offer a unique 'Vacation' Food that comes in a block form and feeds Koi and Goldfish for up to 7 days. So go ahead and live a little! Koi feeding tip: Only feed your fish what they can eat in 3-5 minutes. If you have a skimmer, either turn off the pump during feeding or use a feeding ring to keep the food from entering the skimmer.

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