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Tetra Pond Filters

Tetra Filters Pressurized & Submerged Pond Filters | Tetra Bio-Active Filter

Tetra Pond Filters remove impurities from the water and helps to preserve both the pump and aquatic life of your pond. Pondbiz offers Tetra's Bio-Active Pressure Filter with or without the Green Free UV Clarifier. These Pressurized pond filters offer both mechanical and biological filtration. How it works: Mechanical filtration occurs when pond water flows down through Tetra's Bio-Activators removing suspended debris and dirt from the water. On the inside of these Bio-Activators is where the Biological filtration occurs. Designed to house large colonies of beneficial bacteria, these super good bugs are responsible for converting harmful pollutants in the water into relatively harmless nitrate, which are then absorbed by aquatic plants or discharged by partial water changes. The backflush mechanism on these pressurized pond filters were engineered to thoroughly remove the suspended debris and dirt accumulated from the Mechanical filtration process, while preserving the integrity of the beneficial bacteria colonies contained within. These Pressurized pond filters are recommended for average to large ponds with or without fish. If you have a very small pond or water feature with few or no fish, Tetra's Submersible Box filters will do the trick. Click here for TETRA REPLACEMENT PARTS.

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