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How often should I test my pond water?
You should test your pond water approximately every week. For small ponds it may be more often than for large ponds. Large ponds are more forgiving than smaller ponds because it takes more to throw it out of whack.  For new ponds, test it every few days for the first few weeks in order to get a good basis of where you're pond is at, chemically. After that, you may be able to check it weekly providing you don't add a big change to your pond such as a bunch of fish, eliminating a pump or filter, etc. Sunlight will affect it as well, so you want to have a good idea of how the sunlight and warm temperatures are affecting the pond's ecosystem. The most important things to keep an eye on are:  pH, ammonia and phosphate levels. pH and ammonia issues affect fish and plant health. High phosphate levels create foam and algae outbreaks. Knowing where your pond is at chemically will help you save time and money: if you're constantly battling algae, it's probably a phosphate issue. Doing a pond cleanout or using a phosphate remover will alleviate the use of algacides. If you don't own a Test Kit, now is the time to invest in one. Water chemistry is the key to clear water and healthy fish.

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