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Solids Handling Pond Pumps

Solids Handling Pond Pumps | Tidal Wave SH Series

Choose from a number of manufactures of submersible pond pumps that are also Solids Handling pumps. By Solids handling pumps we mean one that will handle debris without clogging the pump. In this group of hard working pumps we have included the Tetra DHP Debris Handling Pumps, Savio© Solids Handling Pump, Tidal Wave Solids Handling Pump, Leader Solids Handling Triangular Pump and the Dirty Water Pump BVP-M. If your pond or water feature has excess debris, a Solids Handling Pump is what you need. Pumps can clog from  too large or too much debris, restricting flow and/or burning up. Solids Handling Pumps are built to meet these demands by allowing the solids to pass through the pump without clogging it. See our  Pump Accessories to keep your pump running smoothly.

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