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ProForm-LA | Pond Lice & Anchor Worm Treatment | Koi Care Kennel

ProForm-LA Lice and Anchor Worm disease treatment is the most effective treatment for the control of diseases of pond fish caused by Lice and Anchor Worms. When used as directed, ProForm-LA will not harm biological filtration and may be used with scaleless fishes such as Doitsu Koi. Three treatments, one week apart, should be made. A 16 oz. bottle treats a 1650 gallon pond for three treatments, approximately 5.3 oz. per treatment.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: ProForm-LA is safe for use on all ornamental pond fishes, reptiles (turtles) amphibians (frogs) and mollusks (snails). It must not be used where crayfish or other crustaceans are being cultured. NOT for  human, veterinary or food fish use.

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