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Pressurized Pond Filters with or without UV

Pressurized Pond Filters With or Without UV | External Pond Filters

Pressurized pond filters are the best way to keep your pond clean and healthy. Here's why: Pressurized pond filters offer superior filtration because the media contained in these filters supply a greater surface area for housing and cultivating the necessary beneficial bacteria. This beneficial bacteria is essential and responsible for a number of functions. Not only does it reduce ammonia and nitrogen levels, but it improves oxygen levels while dissolving sludge and slime. In short, beneficial bacteria eats up the bad stuff, so the more surface area you have to house these little buggers the better. One of the best features on a pressurized pond filter is what's called a backflush mechanism. Depending on the manufacturer, it's basically a knob or handle on the top of the filter that is either turned or pumped that allows you to clean it without ever touching any slime or gunk. A discharge hose is attached to the filter that you can direct to an area in your yard to water. The added bonus is that this discharged pond water is an excellent fertilizer. Aquaponics took this method a step further and created a sustainable system of growing plants and vegetables in fish pond water. Repurposed fish poop has it's advantages! Another added feature to a pressurized pond filter is that it can be installed anywhere in the near vicinity of the pond and partially buried or camouflaged with shrubs.

What you need to know: First decide whether you want a pressurized filter with or without a UV light. Having a UV light is always a plus since it eliminates green water algae and helps keep the water clean. Click here  POND UV CLARIFIERS & STERILIZERS to learn more. Second, choosing the right sized filter is key, but be sure to assess the variables besides the size of the pond in order to choose wisely. For example, let's say your pond is 1000 gallons. A 1000 gallon pressurized filter would be the minimum size requirement under ideal circumstances. Our feedback from our customers' here at Pondbiz has always indicated that bigger is better. An overstocked pond with fish or turtles, excessive leaf drop or a lapse in maintenance puts too much burden on the filter. Rule of thumb is 1 koi per 100 gallons of water. Fish do spawn, so give yourself ( and the fish) some room, and go bigger than the actual size of your pond. Next, you will need a pump to go with the filter size you have chosen. This is very important for 2 reasons: first, a pump that is too strong will create too much pressure and blow it up, conversely, a pump that is too weak will not allow the filter to work adequately, and also impede the backflush mechanism. Second, depending on how the installation is plumbed, the pump size might have to be increased. For example, if there is a long distance between the filter and the pump with sharp turns, the pump will have to be stronger than anticipated. Generally speaking though, the GPH of a pump should come close to the size of the filter. In short, a 1000 gallon pressurized filter would be compatible with a 1000 GPH pump. See all our POND PUMPS. Lastly, it's very important to 'seed' a new or recently cleaned out filter with a beneficial bacteria product. This speeds the colonization in the filter media jumpstarting the necessary functions for a clean and healthy pond. See MICROBELIFT BEAD FILTER BACTERIA (SUPER START).

We here at Pondbiz know it's difficult to choose the right equipment since every pond is different and variables do exist. Call us for further assistance at 1-877-766-3249 we are here to help. We carry only new and unused pond equipment from reputable manufacturers with a long history of dependability and superior customer satisfaction including: Aqua Ultraviolet,  Pondmaster, Laguna, Tetra, Fishmate, Beckett, and Aquascape.

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