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Pond UV Clarifiers & Sterilizers

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The biggest question we hear at Pondbiz is “how do I keep my pond water clear and healthy?” In addition to an adequate filtration system, introducing  a UV Clarifier/Sterilizer will greatly improve pond water quality by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, parasites, and green water algae. 

Here's How It Works:
The UV Clarifier/Sterilizer utilizes a germicidal fluorescent lamp that penetrates bacteria and algae as the water passes over the bulb. This creates a mutation of the bacteria and algae's DNA, thus preventing growth and multiplication of organisms. In short, free floating bacteria and green water algae are eradicated. If green water algae has been a constant problem, adding a UV Clarifier/Sterilizer will save you time and money, since chemical algaecides can be costly when used frequently. If string algae is the problem, however, a UV Clarifier/Sterilizer won't eradicate this type of algae. String algae is most commonly seen on rocks and waterfall spillways. It looks like moss, or is free floating and stringy in texture. For this type of algae, Aquascape's  Iongen2 is what you're looking for.

What You Need To Know:
Size does matter. Be sure to choose the correct size unit for the amount of gallons of pond water. For example, If you have 1000 gallons of pond water then you will need a unit that treats at least 1000 gallons or more. Moreover, the pump you choose must Not exceed the UV clarifier/sterilizer's specifications. Pumps that are oversized will not allow the unit to work effectively; If the water passes over the bulb too quickly, the light will not be able to penetrate the bacteria and algae. Maintenance is minimal on these units. The only thing you need to do is clean the glass sleeve that protects the bulb periodically. A dirty sleeve will block the light and thus allow the bacteria and algae a free pass. Change the bulb once a year even if it is still 'on.' It losses it's oomph around that time. Be sure to save or write down what Brand and Size unit you have. Bulbs and sleeves are not interchangeable between manufacturers. We here at Pondbiz offer a full line of stand alone external or submersible UV Clarifier/Sterilizers as well as UV Filter Combo's that make choosing the right unit simple. May the light be with you!  

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