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Pond Skimmers

Pond Skimmers

Pond Skimmers are an ideal addition to a pond filtration system when leaf drop is a concern. Much like a pool skimmer, it works to skim excess floating debris off the top of the pond. Most Skimmers can house a submersible pump inside its canister keeping it out of eyesight. Some brands can even accommodate a UV Clarifier/Sterilizer. Pressurized or Submersible pond filters can't handle excessive leaf drop because most leaves are too large and sink to the bottom. If you're planning on building a pond, a Skimmer is much easier to install before, rather then after it is built, since it needs to be placed at water level with an open access to the pond (like a pool skimmer). In terms of aesthetics, Skimmers are discrete because they're buried, and the pump and UV light are hidden inside. There are even faux rock covers that camouflage the top, so only you know where the Skimmer is! We carry a variety of top brands for pond Skimmers with different filtration options to make sure that no matter the size of the pond, or the debris problems, the right pond Skimmer will get the job done. If you're someone who now wishes for a skimmer but doesn't have the place for it or the means, netting the pond will keep the excess leaf drop out. It's not the most visually pleasing solution, but it does take care of the problem, and if it's only for a couple months in the fall, it's well worth it. See our POND NETTING.

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