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Halogen Pond Lights

Halogen Pond Lights | Pond Light Kits | Alpine Fountain Lights

Pond lighting brings a new experience to any pond. Our variety of submersible pond lights are a perfect addition to any water feature. If you don't have night lighting in and around your pond you are missing a whole dimension of your pond. Our submersible pond lights will light up your pond and your imagination. Underwater pond lighting provided by submersible pond lights gives off a beautiful glow that is unlike anything else; any water feature takes on a magical quality when illuminated. If you entertain outside, or can see your pond or water feature from inside your house, lighting it up at night is a must. See our LED Pond Lights for some sophisticated dimmable, or color changing options. Replace any burnt out bulbs in or around your pond. Low voltage bulbs and transformers are available for most pond lights. Don't forget to add a night blooming lily to your pond. It is always a sight to behold.

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