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Pond & Garden Protection

Pond Netting, Pond Covers

It is important to protect your pond against mosquitos, garden debris, and wildlife who love to eat fish. We offer products tailored to your pond and its protection needs.
We have found that it takes a lot of little things to protect your pond. Like algae control, there is no one sure method that works for everyone. Pond Covers or Pond Nets seem to work the best. Even if you can't cover all the pond, cover the shallow portion of the pond to block easy access. Some pond owners have rigged up a simple solution for herons and egrets using heavy clear fishing line to form a criss-cross over their pond. The birds can see the line and will generally move on rather than risk injury. Keep in mind however, that they can still walk into the pond if the shallow end is not protected. If you do not have a protected area in your pond for your fish to retreat to you might consider a Koi Kastle . This is a cave like device that is placed on the bottom of the pond where your fish can run and hide at the first sign of danger. Decoys are another layer of protection. Except during mating season, Heron and Egrets are usually solitary feeders so that a well placed decoy of another bird will generally signal to them to find another pond. Be sure to move the decoy around as these birds are very smart. Floating devices like alligator heads can also work.

If you have not built your pond you can design in safety features. We recommend straight sides (not sloped) and only include a bog for plants on one side of the pond. The pond depth should be a minimum of 30" (36" is preferable) Anything less gives easy access to your pond and fish.

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