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Pond & Garden Predator Protection

Pond & Fish Protection

  Protecting your pond from predators is paramount given that wild habitats are increasingly shrinking. We offer some alternative solutions besides netting your pond that help protect your fish from hungry critters. If you know what predator is stalking your pond, it will be much easier to choose the right product. If in doubt, netting your pond (see Pond Covers) protects it from All critters, even though it's not the most visually attractive solution. Pond plants and fry need protection as well,  because fish are predators too!  Our plant protectors and fish incubator will keep them nice and safe. Decoys work well in deterring Herons and Egrets. Just be sure to move them around periodically before they wise up. Check out all our pond and garden protection, we've even added some mosquito control products in there to help protect you!

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