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Pond Colorant

Pond Colorant | Pond Dye | Blue or Black Pond Tint

Pond Colorants not only add some drama to a pond or fountain, but also filter out sunlight which in turn discourages algae outbreaks. It's like creating shade for a pond or water feature without having to actually cover it. Pond Colorants also protect fish from sunburn, and is particularly helpful for shallow ponds, and/or high heat regions. Blue pond colorants are good for ponds or fountains with fish. Black pond colorants are better suited for water gardens without fish. We use the black colorant here at  our retail store for our plant container display. It really sets off the plants and showcases them beautifully. Word of caution: these colorants go a long way. Start out with less than the recommended dosage, as they do not evaporate. You can always add more if needed. If you go too dark for your taste, a water change will be the only way to get it lighter.

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