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Pond Vacuums

Pond Vacuums | Pond Vac

Investing in a pond vacuum is one of the best things you can do for You, and your pond. Dirty ponds create a plethora of problems, from algae outbreaks to loss of aquatic life. A Pond vacuum is an essential part of cleaning out the gunk and debris that can accumulate at the bottom or all around your existing pond or water feature, and while there are many pond vacuums out there Iím here to talk about four of them that really stick out, the Mini Vac by Lifegard, the Muck Vac by Odyssey, the Matala Pond Vac 2 and the PondOVac 4 by Oase. Click on the link below to keep reading.†Also, try using a† sludge remover in-between cleanouts, this will help with your regular pond maintenance routine.

Are you trying to decide what size pond vacuum you need? Read our blog post about the difference.

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