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Pond Care & Maintenance

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Adequate pond filtration is the first step in having a healthy & clear pond; the better the filtration, the better the pond. If possible, fix any filtration problems by either adding additional filtration, or by upgrading to a larger filter. See our Pond Filters. With that said, pond care maintenance products can pick up the slack. Water Care products solve a multitude of pond troubles, and Pond Nets or Covers protect ponds from excessive leaf drop and predators. The most important and necessary Water Care products to always have on hand are a  Beneficial Bacteria and a De-Chlorinator.

Additionally, there are a lot of Water Care products out there that target specific concerns like  Algae ControlPond Clarity, and Ammonia Control. Pond Care Maintenance changes with the seasons. Winter Water Care is very different from Summer Water Care. We try to take the mystery out of Pond care and maintenance and have personal experience with the products we carry. Give us a call, and we can help you cut to the chase (877)-766-3249

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