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Planting Supplies

Pond Plant Care | Pond Plant Fertilizer | Pond Plant Baskets

To get off to a good start, and help maintain your Aquatic Plants, we offer a variety of planting supplies to cover all your needs: Plant Baskets, Fertilizers, Aquatic soil, and even Plant Protectors to protect floating or submerged plants from naughty root/leaf/flower munching fish. To ensure success with your Aquatic Plants, check specified planting depth, light requirements, and make sure your pond water Ph is around 7.5. Ph levels play an important role in aquatic plant health. If you have lilies or lotus, be sure to fertilize them regularly during the growing season. If your plants have gotten too big for their containers transplant them to a bigger container or divide them. Lilies especially won't bloom if they've been constricted.

Be sure to check out our large selection of live Aquatic Plants.

Order early before stock runs out, especially with Lotus. In choosing water lilies for your pond, remember "Hardy" lilies are perennial and will come back each season while the showier "Tropical" lilies are annual and will need to be replaced each year in most areas.

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