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Phosphate Control

Phosphate Control for Ponds | Phosphate Remover

Phosphate, which is caused by a decomposition of organic substances such as food surpluses, dead plant matter and fish waste is only harmless in concentrations below 0.3 ppm in pond water. Excess phosphates lead to pond foam and supply nutrients for a spectacular algae bloom. If you constantly suffer from algae outbreaks, check your phosphate levels. Getting them under control will help solve your algae problem. Cleaning out your pond will help enormously, since they occur primarily from decaying vegetation
and debris. Unfortunately, most tap water has phosphate already added to it by your water company in order to preserve the pipes that bring the water to your house. Check your tap water phosphate levels too. Using a phosphate remover regularly might be necessary. Pond Phosphate Remover by Microbelift will effectively reduce phosphate levels. An easy to use Master Test Kit by Pondcare will tell you your phosphate levels.

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