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pH Control

Proper Pond pH Levels | Pond Ph Stabilizers | Pond Ph Decreaser/Increaser

  • It's important to maintain proper pH levels in your pond. The overall health of a pond is affected by too high or too low pH levels, and in particular, fish and aquatic plants. Fish become stressed and thus susceptible to disease when pH levels are out of whack. Plants struggle and often die. A ponds pH level should always be around 7.5, don't worry if it's a little higher, or a little lower. What's more important is that there aren't vast and rapid fluctuations in pH levels. Get a pond Test Kit to check pH levels, and be sure to check around the same time, since pH levels naturally fluctuate slightly throughout the day.
  • Low pH: Use a pH increaser such as Microbelift Increase, or Greenclean pH Up.
  • High pH: Besides using a pH Down product (pH Down by Greenclean, or PHusion by Crystal Clear) add a product containing peat such as Barley Straw with peat by Microbelift. Peat naturally lowers pH, and  you’ll get the added benefit of a clarifier and algae preventer.
  • In both cases, be sure to get a pH stabilizer/buffer such as SapHguard by Crystal Clear or Microbelift's 7.5 Buffer Stabilizer, as these help keep pH levels from fluctuating.

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