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Pond Shield Epoxy Pond Coating (Large Containers)

Pond Shield Epoxy Pond Coating

Pond Shield Epoxy Pond Coating (Large Containers)

Fish Safe

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May 23-29 Use coupon code koi10 to receive 10% off your entire order (excluding free shipping items).
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Qty1.5 Gal Kit Clear1.5 Gal Kit Black1.5 Gal Kit Tan1.5 Gal Kit Gray1.5 Gal Kit Sky Blue1.5 Gal Kit Competition Blue3 Gal Kit Competition Blue3 Gal Kit Clear3 Gal Kit Black3 Gal Kit Tan3 Gal Kit Gray3 Gal Kit Sky Blue
QtyOther Colors Available ( call 877-

SKU: Sku-CBlue-Gal


Pond Shield Epoxy Pond Coating

Pond Shield is the finest high performance epoxy pond liner and sealer on the market today. The modified epoxy pond sealer produces an awe-inspiring finished surface that provides a water proof non-toxic barrier for your aquatic environment. Your new epoxy sealer is 100% fish and plant safe.

After prepping the surface area, your pond sealer rolls on just like paint with a short nap 1/4" paint roller, or applied with a brush, squeegee or large areas can be sprayed on. You can use 8-12 oz per gallon and a half kit of denatured alcholol to thin the product for easier use as it is quite thick out of the can. You simply mix both parts with the alcohol and it's ready to apply. Pond Shield works great for Koi ponds, water gardens, fountains and waterfalls!

It is available in Clear, Black ,Tan, Gray and Competition BLue. Each gallon and a half kit can cover up to 240 square feet. That's 240 square feet in just one coat, for a total of 10 mils in thickness. Unlike the color versions of Pond Shield, clear Pond Shield is void of pigments which means EACH kit is applied in several thin coats, eventually being brought up to 10 mils thickness. (3 gallon containers covers up to 480 sq ft of smooth surface) No primers or sealants needed. It can be applied to most surfaces inlcuding fiberglass, concrete or cement. It is a flexible epoxy and provides a superior elongation. Simply mix both components together and apply just like paint. Cures to touch within a few hours and is safe for aquatic life.

Due to colder temperatures that can occur during shipping and storage at various shipping depots, your black Pond Shield epoxy may have become stiff and unworkable. This does not mean your epoxy has gone bad. It is just cold. To remedy this, tightly replace the lid on your product and place each container in a bucket of hot tap water (boiling the water is not necessary). Your Pond Shield epoxy should return to a workable state within 20-30 minutes.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the manufacturer at (800) 716-1545 and a representative will be happy to assist you. Specifications for spraying Pond Shield can be found at or contact the manufacturer to see if your paint rig will work with Pondshield.


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