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MinnFinn & NeuFinn (1L - 2000 gallons)

MinnFinn & NeuFinn | Pond Supplies

MinnFinn & NeuFinn (1L - 2000 gallons)

Fish Safe

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MinnFinn & NeuFinn

MinnFinn Regular is the revolutionary new product that controls virtually all external pathogens impacting Koi health. "It is the first truly new therapy developed for aquatic enthusiasts in decades" The 1L bottle will treat and neutralize up to 2000 gallons.

It has been found to be extremely effective against Costia, Trichodina, Columnaris, ICH, Flukes as well as most other bacterial, protozoal and fungal infections.

While being the most potent Koi health weapon available today, it is also the most environmentally safe. In combination with the proper application of NeuFinn, it has virtually no impact on the pond system after application. Application requires NO water changes, has minimal impact on pH and other critical water parameters. MinnFinn, in conjunction with NeuFinn, is a completely reversible treatment.

EPA registered for discharge into open water, and is FDA approved. It is non-toxic to both you, your fish and more importantly our environment.

BACTERIA: Combats bacterial infections. Can eliminate bacterial gill disease in one treatment.

EXTERNAL PARASITES: Parasites such as flukes eliminated in 1 to 3 treatments.

ICH: Treated in 3 treatments.

PROTOZOA: Costia, Trichodina and other external protozal infections eliminated in one treatment.

NEUTRALIZABLE: Treatment ended immediately with Neufinn neutralizable.

WATER CHANGES: Not needed.

IMPORTANT: Read understand and follow label directions carefully prior to application. Application of NeuFinn is a REQUIRED part of the treatment.


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