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PondCare PowerPak Pond Cleaner

PondCare PowerPak Pond Cleaner

PondCare PowerPak Pond Cleaner

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Price: $20.95

Brand: Pond Care

SKU: Aqp246A


PondCare PowerPak Pond Cleaner

No measuring or mixing required. Easy to use, concentrated, water soluble packets begin to dissolve in seconds. Simply toss the required number of POWERPAKS into the pond. POWERPAKS helps bring your pond to a natural balance. The water will dissolve the POWERPAKS in seconds, releasing the natural cleaners into the pond to do their job. The activation bubbles rapidly disperse the beneficial bacteria and barley throughout the pond. POWERPAKS create cleaner and clearer pond water through a natural biological process.

Spring or initial dose: One Powerpak for up to 600 gallons every two weeks. Continue dosage for up to four weeks.

Summer Maintenance: One Powerpak for up to 1200 gallons twice a week for two weeks.
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