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Underwater LED Light by WaterMark

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Underwater LED Light by WaterMark

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Price: Varies with Selection

Brand: Little Giant

SKU: Fra238


Tired of having your pond lights constantly burn out. Are you looking for something more exciting in pond lighting.

The NEW LED lights by WaterMark are really HI TECH. This innovative LED lighting gives just the right amount of brightness and color saturation to make a water garden a multi dimensional work of art.

Each light includes 11 different pre-programmed lighting options. You can choose from constant red, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple or white in additon to Multi-Mode, Color Wheel Standard, Color Wheel Slow and Color Wheel Slowest. The standard mode gradually changes through all the colors every 30 seconds, the slow mode takes six minutes and the slowest mode takes two hours. The Multi-Mode produces random colors and patterns. Multiple lights can be synchronized together to display any mode.

If all this excites you then wait until you find out that the LED bulbs deliver approximately 30,000 hours of light. Based on 8 hours per night that is more than 10 years.

Sold as a kit with one light and 60w transformer. Additonal lights sold separately. Kit Transformer will handle up to three lights. Lights are rated at 20w but consume only 3w of power. 20' cord.


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