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Saki - Hikari Professional

Saki - Hikari Professional

Saki - Hikari Professional

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Brand: Hikari

SKU: Hik42284


Saki - Hikari Professional

The revolutionary koi food praised by professional koi breeders throughout Japan. Saki-Hikari diets help make pond filters more effective because these foods are highly digestible and improved assimilation significantly reduces the volume of fish waste.

Saki-Hakari also can improve resistance to disease. The complete nutritional package including vitamin and mineral components including stabilized vitamin C, help reduce stress and strss induced illness while promoting good bacteria balance in the intestinal tract. Pellet size is MEDIUM. There are three diets available.

Growth Diet - Providing Outstanding Growth Characteristics
For use when water temperature is above 68 degrees F. Promotes growth rates not possible with standard koi foods. A complete and balanced protein-rich and carbohydrate-complete nutritional package makes it possible to grow koi rapidly without building fat 40% crude protein.

Color Enhancing Diet with Agressive Color Enhancing Capacity
Exacting amount of specially selected color enhancing ingredients promote vivid coloration, especially in the "red" areas of your koi to achieve a rich deep color without negatively impacting the "white" areas of the koi. 40% crude protein.

Multi Season Diet - Offering Superior Assimilation and Coloration
Provides the proper level of nutrients and carotennoids to provide steady growth and noticabley improved coloration even in cooler water temperatures (down to 50 degrees F) High levels of vitamins help reduce stress and improve stress related disease resistance naturally. 37% crude protein.


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