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Mrs. GC Hitchock (rose-pink night bloomer)

Tropical Water Lilies, Pink Night Bloomer , Mrs. GC Hitchock | Live Aquatic Plants

Mrs. GC Hitchock (rose-pink night bloomer)

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Mrs George C. Hitchcock is a popular and spectacular night blooming tropical waterlily creating a large soft rose bloom with a dark orange stamen that is nearly 10" wide and held above the water a foot high. Very fragrant.

The amazing textured and rippled veining in the leaves are a feature in itself. It has wavy edged coppery green pads above and purply brown below.

A medium foliage spread to 6' wide. A well established plant might have several blooms standing a foot out of the water. Considered a very prolific bloomer where summers are hot. Blooms open during the night and are usually open until noon the next day.

Spread 6'


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