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Blue Ridge Koi & Goldfish Food

Koi Food |  Blue Ridge Koi & Goldfish Food

Blue Ridge Koi & Goldfish Food

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Brand: Blue Ridge



Blue Ridge Koi & Goldfish Food

Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish Food contains the proper levels of protein, vitamins and minerals that have allowed Blue Ridge to produce literally tons of healthy goldfish and koi for the water garden industry. In 2009 they have enhanced the diets even more by adding Encapcell, a microencapsulated nucleotide designed to increase growth and prevent disease.

The health, growth and apperance of koi and goldfish are directly related to the quality of the fish food used and the the food is only as good as the ingredients used.

Blue Ridge produces professional quality food at an ecconomical cost. Suitable for all pond fish. Available in mini (1/8") or large (3/16") size pellets in All Season (growth), Color-Rich and Blend, 2#, 5# and 25#

All-Season Growth:
A year-round diet formulated to produce maximum growth with minimum waste. Available in two pellet sizes, 1/8" mini pellet for fish under five inches and a 3/16" large pellet for fish over five inches. Packaged in two, five and twenty five pound bags.

Blue Ridge Color:
This diet contains the same ingredients as the growth food but we've added three proven color enhancers, marigold extract, spirulina, and canthaxanthin. Feed this food for 30 days and watch the reds on your koi and goldfish intensify. This food is available in the large pellet only. Packaged in two, five and twenty five pound bags

Blue Ridge Blend:
This diet is simply a mixture of the mini and large pellet growth foods. Designed for pond owners with mixed sizes of fish in their ponds. Packaged in two, five and twenty five pound bags.


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