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Fish Mate Pressurized Bio PondFilter (No UV)

FishMate Pressurized Pond Filter No UV

Fish Mate Pressurized Bio PondFilter (No UV)

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Pressurized WITH No UV Pond Filters

The Fish Mate pressurized Bio Pond Filter provides powerful mechanical and biological filtration. Easy to maintain. Available with or without a built-in UV. Units can be buried to the top so they are not visable. Inlet 3/4" to 1.25" Powerclenz, an automatic cleaning system is only available with the 3000 gallon unit. 3 year Limited Warrantee.

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Available in two sizes; Fishmate 1000 BIO for ponds to 1000 gallons. 200-650 gph pump recommended. 10" x11" H

Fishmate 3000 BIO for ponds to 3000 gallons. 650-2000 gph pump recommended. 11" x 17" H (includes powerclenz the patented automatic cleaning system which enables the filter to be cleaned at the twist of a knob)


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