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Muck Vac Pond Vacuum

Muck Vac Pond Vacuum

Muck Vac Pond Vacuum

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May 23-29 Use coupon code koi10 to receive 10% off your entire order (excluding free shipping items).
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Muck Vac Pond Vacuum

The Muck Vac Perfect for use in small applications, no electricity is required to use it because it is powered by your garden hose! Amazing right, the hose water builds up pressure in the head piece of the muck vac which starts spinning the water and creates suction no water is added to the pond in this process and all discharge water can be used to feed a garden or flowerbed. Easy to use and very reliable. (requires a minimum hose pressure of 50psi).

The Muck Vac eliminates muck and fish waste without causing turbidity in pond water or displacing fish or plants. Complete system includes: Muck Vac power head, vac head and brush, vacuum hose and adapter. Easy to use and assemble. No moving parts. Requires minimum of 50 psi garden hose water pressure.

The telescoping 6' handle carries the waste water and debris out thru the 10' discharge hose to a bucket or garden area. No water is added to the pond via the Muck Vac.

Also available is an optional extension 10' discharge hose. The unit comes with one 10' hose with the kit.



This is a easy unit to use to clean your pond. It is light weight, and no electricity is needed. Use the discharge water to feed your garden.


Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Muck Vac

This vac is just the thing I needed to keep my koi pond clean. I have a problem with string algae and it just took it away! The water is crystal clear now and I can enjoy actually seeing the koi swimming around. It was so easy to operate, especially since I have had two back surgeries over the past ten years, making it hard to bend over and clean the bottom of the pond. A great product that I would rate a five star product. You will not be disappointed! Thank you!

Reviewed Sun, Jun 29 2014 5:47 am by

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