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Microbe-Lift Super Dechlor Plus - De-Chlorinates & Detoxifies Pond Water

Microbe lift Dechlor Plus

Microbe-Lift Super Dechlor Plus - De-Chlorinates & Detoxifies Pond Water

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Brand: Microbe-Lift


Microbe lift Super Dechlor Plus

The Ultimate in Water Conditioning. Microbe-lift SUPER DECHLOR PLUS will instantly dechlorinate and detoxify your pond water. Super Dechlor Plus neutralizes chlorine while not scavenging oxygen as other dechlorinators do. 1 gallon treats 32,000 Gal. 32 oz treats 8,000 Gal. 16 oz treats 4,000 Gal. 1 oz treats 250 Gal.

It will also render toxic polllutants harmless (including iron, copper, lead, zinc and free iodine). Contains a pH buffer, two slime coats ingredients and added electrolytes for stress reduction in fish. WILL NOT HARM FISH OR PLANTS. Do not use with permanganate-based treatments.

Recommendations: For conditioning water for ponds where ammonia is a concern use Microbe-lift/ XTreme.
NOTE: If ammonia is a  concern use MICROBE-LIFT Aqua Xtreme

Do NOT use with permanganate-based treatments

Directions: To condition water for (1) new ponds (2) before, after or during water additions, or (3) before adding new fish, amphibians, invertebrates or plants. 1 oz. treats 250 gallons. 1 gallon treats 32,000 Gal.


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