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Liner Seaming Products / Patches / Accessories

Pond Liner Patches | Liner Seam Tape | EPDM Primer

We carry a variety of pond liner patches, double sided, and single sided seam tape, EPDM Primer, and bottom drains. For seaming two liners together it is recommended to use both a double sided seam tape, and a single sided seam tape on top. 

Image Liner Seam Tape 25' Roll
Liner Seam Tape 25' Roll

Image Liner Cover Strip Tape
Liner Cover Strip Tape

Image Ultra Bond Seam Primer
Ultra Bond Seam Primer

Image Ultra Clean Liner Cleaner
Ultra Clean Liner Cleaner

Image Pond Liner Patch 5" x 18"
Pond Liner Patch 5" x 18"

Image Liner Patch 6" round
Liner Patch 6" round

Image Firestone  EPDM Repair Kit
Firestone EPDM Repair Kit
Best Seller

Image Bottom Drain
Bottom Drain

Image Pipe Boot
Pipe Boot


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