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Lifegard All-in-One

Lifegard All-in-One Pond Filters | Lifegard All-in-One Double | All-in-One Triple

Pond filter installation has never been easier.  Lifegard Aquatics Complete Pond Filter System takes the guesswork out of complicated pump and filter selection. This Compact, submersible pond filtration system provides mechanical and biological filtration plus a 13-watt UV Sterilizer that helps keep pond water crystal clear. Equipped with a spray attachment and a  Ball-Joint Leveling Device to keep spray vertical even when the pond bottom isn't level.These Submersible pond filters are ideal for ponds that can't accommodate an external pressurized filter. What's particularly unique about Lifegards' All-in-One filter, is that extra filter compartments can be added on for extra filtration, or if you're fish decide to spawn (which they usually do). The best and most complete submersible pond filter on the market, Lifegards' All-in-One filter goes unrivaled.Click here for Lifegard Aquatics Replacement Parts and Add-On Cartridge. See all our Submersible Pond Filters.

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