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Koi Kichi Out of Print Hard Cover Edition

Koi Book |  Koi Kichi Out of Print Hard Cover Edition

Koi Kichi Out of Print Hard Cover Edition

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Price: $268.95

SKU: PBiz KK02


Koi Book | Koi Kichi Out of Print Hard Cover Edition

There were only 5000 hard cover editions sold worldwide with most of them sold in the U.K. On a recent trip back to England we were able to acqire a small quantity of previously owned Hard Cover books, all with the original slip cover. These are in very good condition with some scuffing on the slipcase but the books are still beautiful. Each book weighs more than 5# and contains full color pictures thru out. It is 8.5" x 12" with 270 pages. I have seen these sell for more than $1000 to collectors.


There are many books on the market that claim to be about Koi, but until now there has never really been a 'proper' Koi Keepers' 'proper' Koi book, well now there is.

Koi Kichi represents more than ten years work by Peter Waddington and the results of Koi enthusiasts a unique blend of top quality information, punctuated with wit and a penetrating style of writing that is unmistakably "Waddy".

What really sets the book apart from ALL others is the sure and certain knowledge that all the material included in it comes from personal experience. It is this humanity above all other aspects that separates it from all the other Koi books and simply makes it better.

If you have now or have ever had an interest in KOI, this is "THE" Koi book to own.


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