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Sequence Primer Pump

Sequence Primer Champion Pumps

Sequence Primer Pump

Energy Efficient

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Brand: Sequence

SKU: Seq3700PRM21


Sequence Primer Champion Pumps

The Primer Champion by Sequence integrates a basket type pre-filter and self priming capabilities into one efficient trouble free pump. Since an internal diffuser allows for displacement of trapped air, this type of pump will continue to move water even when there is some air in the line. It can even operate for short periods of time without full water flow which is a small comfort to pond owners. The motor is fully enclosed, fan cooled. Can be used either 115v or 230v. Comes with 8' 115v cordset.

These pumps are designed and built to meet the special needs of ponds and water gardens. They produce a maximum flow rate with minimal electrical consumption. They are designed as external pumps with quiet operation generating a minimum of noise levels.
Approx size: 22.5"L x 10"Wx 11" H

MADE IN THE USA Limited 3 year manufacturer warranty.

3700PRM21 3700 gph max 2940@4' 2520@8' 2040@12' 228w 2.76A 1/3-1/2hp 2" inlet and discharge FNPT 21' max head

4900PRM21 4900 gph max 4440@4' 3960@8' 3300@12' 2580@16' 310w 3.3A 1/3 - 1/2hp 2" inlet and discharge FNPT 21' max head

6600PRM24 6600 gph max 6000@4' 5400@8' 4740@12' 3900@16' 2940@20' 457w 4.6A 1/3 - 1/2hp 2" inlet and discharge FNPT 24' max head


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