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Clear Pond Fall & Winter Liquid Formula

Clear Pond Fall & Winter Formula

Clear Pond Fall & Winter Liquid Formula


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Brand: Clear Pond

SKU: Clp11


Clear Pond Fall & Winter Formula

A blend of probiotic bacteria and specially formulated enzymes that ensure the rapid buildup of the optimum strains of microbes for a healthy pond all winter. Effective in water below 55 degrees.

Contains live beneficial bacteria to keep ponds clean, clear and healthy throughout the long winter months. It prepares your pond for Winter by aiding nature in breaking down fallen leaves, sediment fish waste and excess food that has built up during Spring and Summer to keep healthy through the long Winter months.

Application rates:
up to 500 gallons:
1st month 5 oz
2nd month 6 oz
3rd month 7 oz
4th month 8 oz

up to 1000 gallons:
1st month 7 oz
2nd month 8 oz
3rd month 9 oz
4th month 10 oz

up to 3000 gallons:
1st month 9 oz
2nd month 10 oz
3rd month 11 oz
4th month 12 oz

up to 6000 gallons:
1st month 12 oz
2nd month 13 oz
3rd month 14 oz
4th month 15 oz

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