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Fish Mate 790 gph ANI 248

Fish Mate 790 gph ANI 248

Fish Mate 790 gph ANI 248

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Price: $129.95

Brand: FishMate

SKU: Ani248


Fish Mate 790 gph ANI 248

Fish Mate pumps are high in performance with low wattage. Comes with 25' cord. 42 watts, max lift 6'9" 1" outlet.


Submersible pump comes with four interchangeable spray heads, adjustable flow control and 25' cord. Available in 600 GPH, 790 GPH and 1000 GPH.800 GPH Three year manufacturers guarantee.

790 gph; 42 Watts; max lift 6'9" -Outlet: 1"
Medium Pond Pumps
These submersible synchronous pumps are particularly suited to small/medium ponds for any combination of filter, water and fountain.
Key features include:
 Anti-clog filter design
 Superior wear resistance
 Low running costs
 Includes fountain set with 4 options: Tiered, Column, Plume and Bell
1. Single control knob adjusts flow to fountain and waterfall/filter
2. Ceramic shaft bearings and superior rotor design for long service life
3. Fully encapsulated electrical parts for safety
4. High efficiency pump turbine for low running costs
5. Strainer filter less prone to blockage and easier to clean than conventional foam filters


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