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Aqua Ultima ll 30,000 to 60,000

Aqua Ultima ll 20000  Pond Filter | Aqua Pond Supplies

Aqua Ultima ll 30,000 to 60,000

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Brand: Aqua

SKU: A50119


Aqua brings you Ultima ll, the next generation of filters and the best tool for Koi ponds. Specifically engineered to meet the environmental demands of ponds. The unique lightweight tubular Bio-Media has low head loss and a very high biofilm surface and is designed for very high flow rates. It protects beneficial bacteria while dislodging unwanted debris.

Ultima Media is specifically designed to support aquatic life Using non wax based plastic Aqua Ultraviolet extrudes, a patented media with the highest surface area of any on the market. The small tubular design has ridges on the outside and a cross section on the inside increasing bio surface area and preventing clumping. The ridged design helps to create a dense bed for superior trapping of solids that is easily separated during the backwash.

30,000 Top Mount: 2 Inch Valve; Flow Rate 7500 GPH @ 10' of Head.

30,000 Side Mount: 3 Inch Valve; Flow Rate 15,000 GPH @ 10' of Head.

60,000 Side Mount: 3 Inch Valve; Flow Rate 20,000 GPH @ 10' of Head.



The high flow rate allows you to circulate your pond once every 2 hours giving you the optimal turn over rate to keep your fish healthy and your pond clear. Ultima II filter 2" multi-port valve 15 cu ft media. One cubic foot of media is equal to 750 square feet of suface area. Cleaning is done by internal jets, taking only minutes to backwash. For ponds up to 20,000 gallons. size; 30.5" dia x 48" tall. 8" top opening. Also available with 3" side mount valve.

Note: This unit must be sent by common carrier (truck) as it exceeds the UPS requirements;


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