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CalPump Torpedo Pump

CalPump Torpedo Pump

CalPump Torpedo Pump

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Brand: Cal-Pump

SKU: Fra115


CalPump Torpedo Pump

A lightweight, water cooled, oil free pump that can be used in or out of the water. High volume flow with low energy consumption. Can be used vertical or horizontal. Non-corrosive construction for longevity. 20' cord for T1500 and T4000, 40' cord for T7500 and T10000. Available in sizes from 1500-10000 gph.

1.5" Tube Filter and Pump Screen available for T1500 and T4000.


T1500 for ponds up to 4000 gallons 10.5"x5.25"x6". 1" intake and discharge. 121-280 watts 28' max head, 1368 gph@5', max flow 1518 gph. min/max amps 1.1 - 2.5

T4000 for ponds up to 6000 gallons. 13.37"x6.75"x6". 1.5" intake and discharge. 290-520watts 28' max head, 3672 gph@5', max flow 4200 gph.
min/max amps 2.57-4.45

T7500 for ponds up to 9000 gallons. 3" intake and discharge. 395-1020watts 40.6' max head, 7500 gph@5', max flow 8200 gph.
min/max amps 3.7- 8.7 40' cord

T10000 for ponds up to 15000 gallons. 3" intake and discharge. 575-1600watts 46' max head, 9120 gph@5', max flow 9900 gph. min/max amps 4.8- 13.6 40' cord


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