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Nymphaea Laydekeri Fulgens (Red)

Nymphaea Laydekeri Fulgens | Water Lilly

Nymphaea Laydekeri Fulgens (Red)


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Laydekeri Fulgens is a spectacular Lily that starts blooming before most other Hardy Water Lilies, and continues to bloom late into the season. The flowers are a red burgundy and can be 5 to 6 inches across with a light fragrance. New leaves come in a purple color and then mature to 8 inches to green with purple blotches. The plants spread 6 to12 feet wide. The Laydekeri Fulgens grows best in full sun and does well if fertilized during the growing season. People refer to this plant as Laydekeri Red.

Spread 6-12 feet

Zone 3-11


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