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Lifegard-All-In-One Single ( Up to 1000 Gallons )

Pond Filters | Lifegard-All-In-One Single

Lifegard-All-In-One Single ( Up to 1000 Gallons )


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Price: $304.95

Brand: Lifegard

SKU: Lif71


Pond Filters

The all new Lifegard All in one single combines the benefits of mechanical, biological and Ultraviolet filtration in one compact powerful package. This pump included all in one filter system makes choosing a filter system easier than ever, easy to add on to, easy to install, and easy to clean, an easy choice!

  • 13W UV Clarifier with 20' cord
  • 2 stage mechanical filtration and biological filtration
  • QuietOne Model 2200 pump included with 20' cord
  • Fountain head rotating adjuster ( Keeps the fountain head level even when the pond bottom is not)
  • Single good for up to 1000 gallons


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