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Aquascape 6w LED Spotlight

Aquascape 6w LED Spotlight

Aquascape 6w LED Spotlight

New Energy Efficient

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Price: $119.98

Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 84034


Aquascape Pond Lighting | Aquascape 6w LED Spotlight

The 6w LED light by Aquascape delivers the equivalent light of a 50w halogen. The warm white light output matches that of a halogen bulb.

This energy-efficient light can be used both in or out of the pond. It comes with a 14.5' cord with Quick-connect plug that fits many of the newer pond transformers or the plug can be cut off and spliced into any existing transformer(However this is not reccomended as doing so voids the warranty). Comes with both a stake for use in a garden or a stand for pond use. You can operate six of these beautiful lights for less than the cost as a single 50w halogen light.

Transformer & Photocell sold separately
Five Year Warranty


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