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Pond Boss All in One Filter FREE SHIPPING

Pond Boss  All in One Filters

Pond Boss All in One Filter FREE SHIPPING

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Price: $154.99

Shipping: Free

Brand: Pond Boss

SKU: Pbg01


Pond Boss All in One Filter FREE SHIPPING

Combination pump, filter, fountain with LED lights and UV light. If you like simple solutions this combo solves the problem of hoses and matching the pump to the UV light.

We recommend this for ponds up to 400 gallons (700 gallons if no fish or algae problems) The filter includes mechanical, biological and a 5w Ultra Violet UV clarifier. The 220 gph pump is quiet and efficient. The fountain comes with a couple of fountain heads for additional aeration which is illuminated by four LED's. All you need to do is float it in the pond and plug it in. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Approx size 10' x10" x 11.5" High with fountain. 28w max head 6'6"


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