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Pond Boss Pump/UV Combo

Pond Boss Pump  UV Combo

Pond Boss Pump/UV Combo

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Brand: Pond Boss

SKU: Pbg32


Pond Boss Pumps UV Combo

Combination pump and UV light. If you like simple solutions this combo pump and UV light solves the problem of hoses and matching the pump to the UV light.

UV clarifiers offer the added benefit of sterilizing your pond or water garden to help avoid cloudy or murky water as well as killing unwanted bacteria and green water algae. The Pond Boss Pond Pump with UV is designed to operate consistently and hassle free for many years to come. It comes with a protective mesh barrier bag to avoid large pieces of unwanted debris from getting into your pump. This pump is highly recommended for pond owners who wish to minimize maintenance time and spend more time enjoying their backyard pond or water garden. This pump is designed for fresh water use only. When not in use during the winter months, store the pump indoors. Available in several sizes. 16' cord, adjustable flow control one year warranty.

800 gph with 6w UV Max pumping 11.5' uses 3/4" discharge

950 gph with 6w UV Max pumping 12' uses 3/4" discharge

1300 gph with 6w UV Max pumping 16.5' uses 1" discharge

Product Specification

Pumps and cleans at the same time

Built-in 6 watt UV clarifier

Protective mesh barrier bag included for easy maintenance

UL listed

16' Cord


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