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Matala MaxFlow Pump (FREE SHIPPING)

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Matala MaxFlow Pump (FREE SHIPPING)

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Matala MaxFlow Pump (FREE SHIPPING)

The newest pump from Matala, the MaxFlow pumps have a corrosion resistant composite resin base and a large intake strainer for less liklihood for clogging and allows for 3/8" solids to pass. The High Performance, low amperage design is the newest generation in reliable & extremely energy efficient pumps without sacrificing flow rate or head height. The pumps utilize top quality mechanical seals & have motors designed for continuous duty & long life.
19 ft. power cord, 2 year warranty.

MaxFlow 3900 gph 1/4 hp 3.3A, 1.5" outlet
22.5' max head

MaxFlow 4700 gph 1/3 hp 4A, 2" outlet
27.5' max head

MaxFlow 5400 gph 1/2 hp 5.2A 2" outlet
32.8' max head

MaxFlow 6200 gph 3/4 hp 7.3A 2" outlet
41' max head


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