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QuietOne Model 14000 - 3307 gph w/REMOTE by Lifegard Aquatics

Lifegard QuietOne Model 6000

QuietOne Model 14000 - 3307 gph w/REMOTE by Lifegard Aquatics

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Price: $705.95

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Brand: Lifegard Aquatics

SKU: Lif24D


QuietOne Model 14000 - 3307 gph w/REMOTE by Lifegard Aquatics

NEW from Pentair, the Lifegard Magnetic drive, super quiet pump for wet or dry applications. Snap on/off molded covers. Patented Uni-direction impeller for quiet operation. Innovative cooling chambers provide air cooling during dry use and water cooling in wet applications. This model includes fountain spray nozzles, 20' cord and cage type pre filter. 1.5" suction and disharge.

This pump comes with a wireless remote control with multiple settings for adjusting the flow of water.

3 Year Warranty (except impeller)

For Submersible or Dry Applications

ECO-SAV generates more power with less energy consumption.

Internal recirculation prevents overheating and ejects obstructing debris.

Remarkable impeller technology provides combined rotors, improved shaft materials and corrosion resistant bearings.

Includes a 20 foot cord, pre-filter and nozzles for spray attachments.

High quality corrosion resistant ceramic bearings help ensure quiet operation and longer life.

Innovative "cooling chambers" provide air- cooling during dry use and water-cooling in wet applications.
115V 60Hz.

Model 14000 3307 gph, 175 watts, 2.5 Amps,
3000 gph@5' 2644 gph@ 10' Max lift 25'

9.5"L x 7.5"W x 6.5"H


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