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Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

 Automatic Pond Fish Feeder, Fishmate Pond Supplies

Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

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Price: $55.95

Brand: FishMate

SKU: Ani211


Dispenses food slowly over a five hour period. Large. rotating hopper holds food for up to 21 day use. Weatherproof and can be mounted on a pole at pond's edge or suspended over the water. Adjustable feed quantity and timing for all fish foods.
Approx size 7.25" L x 6.25"W x 3.5" D

Sorry, no refunds unless returned in NEW condition within 72 hours. (This does not include defective units.)


► Reliable and accurate quartz timer

► Over 1 year's continuous use from 1 AA battery

► Battery condition indicator

► Feeds approximately 21 daily meals

► Food served over several hours - keeps fish active
and reduces overfeeding

► Adjustable feed quantity and timing for all fish

► Easily suited to all ponds


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