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Matala Niagra Top Flow FREE SHIPPING

Matala Niagra Top Flow Pump

Matala Niagra Top Flow FREE SHIPPING

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Brand: Matala

SKU: Mat93


Matala Niagra Top Flow FREE SHIPPING

New from Matala the Niagara is the perfect pump for use in your skimmer. The water channel in the pump is between the motor and the stainless steel shell to allow water to flow through the whole pump body from bottom to top which keeps the pump running cooler. The bottom intake design allows for the pump to run at very low water levels without overheating the pump. Built-in thermal protection. Double mechanical seals ensure greater durability. Stainless steel housing with 2" threaded outlet. 20' cord

NT-3600 1/3 HP 250w 5.2A 3100 gph @10' lift, 2060 @20' lift, max head 29' 1.5" discharge 7.1" x 13.7"

NT-3900 1/2 HP 400w 6.1A 3550 gph @10' lift, 2850 @20' lift, max head 36' 2" discharge 7.1" x 13.7"

NT-4800 1 HP 750w 10.8A 4400 gph @10' lift, 3800 @20' lift max head 49' 2" discharge 7.1" x 13.7"


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