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Atlantic Oasis Skimmer (FREE SHIPPING)

Atlantic Oasis Skimmer | Pond Supplies

Atlantic Oasis Skimmer (FREE SHIPPING)

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Price: $249.99

Shipping: Free

Brand: Atlantic WaterGardens

SKU: AtlPS3900


Atlantic Oasis Skimmer

Just the right fit …… Atlantic Water Gardens NEW Oasis Brand has been specially designed for smaller pond installations up to 3000 gallons. The compact size offers the perfect balance of features and performance with exceptional strength and durability.

Both the new Oasis Filterfall and Skimmer feature a rolled upper rim that provides clean lines and incredible strength while allowing for natural rock camouflage.

The Oasis Skimmer has a stainless steel framed trap net for easy maintenance and a Matala filter mat for exceptional mechanical filtration. Additionally, the super flow weir door allows for maximum surface cleaning. For easy installation, the pump discharge step fitting is provided on both sides of the Skimmer along with labeled drill points for an Auto Fill and the overflow attachments.

Dimensons 17.75" W x 19.5" D x 19.5" H
Pump size 1000-3900 gph


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