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Matala Versiflow Pump (FREE SHIPPING)

Matala Versiflow Pump Free Shipping

Matala Versiflow Pump (FREE SHIPPING)

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Brand: Matala

SKU: Mat79


Matala Versiflow Pump (FREE SHIPPING)

The Matala Versiflow pumps are perfect for heavy and continuous flow duty. The pump can be installed Vertically or Horizontally and are fully submersible and handle solids like a champ. Comes with 2" outlet and 20' cord.
2 year warranty.
Makes a dependable replacement for your AquaScape pump.

VersiFlo3200 1/5 hp 2.8A 2" outlet
3240@ 5' 2931@10' 2092@15' 19' max head

VersiFlo3900 1/3 hp 3.2A 2" outlet
3850@5' 3648@10' 2748@15' 23' max head

VersiFlo4700 1/2 hp 5.3A 2" outlet
4690@5' 4256@10' 3538@15' 30' max head

VersiFlo5600 1 hp 7.3A 2" outlet
5514@5' 5514@10' 5409@15' 5046@20' 38' max head

Performance Chart:


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