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Pondmaster Hybrid-Drive Pump

Pondmaster Hybrid-Drive Pump

Pondmaster Hybrid-Drive Pump

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Brand: PondMaster

SKU: Sup20210


Pondmaster Hybrid-Drive Pump

NEW from Pondmaster, the Hy-drive Pumps are even more versatile because of an optional rotating connector (included) the pump can be placed anywhere and the tubing can be manipulated with ease.

These rugged pumps are economical to operate and designed for use in ponds and waterfalls for continuous operation, and can be plumbed inline or submerged in the pond. The motor is thermally protected and extremely energy efficient. Each pump comes with a FREE pump bag to protect the intake and now carries a 3 year limited manufacturer warranty. Outlet 1.5" MPT. Barbed fittings included. PLEASE NOTE: To achieve maximum flow from 4850, 6100, 6600, 7600 pumps, a minimum of 2" ID tubing must be used. Depending on installation, maximum flow may not be possible.

1900 gph; 93W; .78 amps; 870 gph @5' max head 10'.

2550 gph; 147W; 1.25 amps; 1490 gph @5' max head 11.5'.

4850 gph; 328W; 3.0 amps; 3700 gph @5', 2225 gph @10' max head 22.5'

6000 gph; 520W; 4.39 amps; 4175 gph @5', 2400 gph @10', 1625 gph @15' max head 28'

6600 gph; 593W; 4.94 amps; 5500 gph @5', 4325 gph @10', 3325 gph @15', 2425gph @20' max head 30.5'

7600 gph; 660W; 5.5 amps; 6690 gph @5', 5525 gph @10', 3805 gph @15', 2640 @20' max head 27.5'
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