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Tetra Bio-Active Pressure Filter with UV

Pond Filters | Tetra Bio-Active Pressure Pond Filter with UV

Tetra Bio-Active Pressure Filter with UV

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Brand: Tetra Pond

SKU: Tet26566


Tetra Bio-Active Pressure Filter with UV

New from Tetra, the Bio-Active pressure filter has been re-engineered for maximum bio filtration resulting in a clear and healthy pond. New vortex internal pumping jets ensure maximum water-to-media contact to support bacterial growth and provide for superior bio-activity. The integrated *UV clarifier will help to keep your pond water clear and algae free from algae bloom. As with all UV's, string (filament) algae is generally not affected. The rugged built construction is built to last. The unique open profile bio-activators will not clog and give you the most surface area possible. With no foam to clog, the simple backflush feature keeps your filter performing in peak condition with no need to open the filter for cleaning. Recommend pump size from 2500 to 4500 gph. For maximum flow use 1.25" or 1.5" i.d. tubing. Can be concealed or positioned away from the pond.

BP1500 15 3/4" Dia x 18 3/4" H 9w UV
BP2500 15 3/4" Dia x 22" H 18w UV
BP4000 15 3/4" Dia x 25" H 18w UV

Limited 2 year Warranty

*UV bulbs should be replaced annually as they lose their effectiveness to destroy algae.
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