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Fish Mate (non-pressurized) Bio Pond Filter with UV

Fishmate Bio Pond Filter + UV Pond Filters

Fish Mate (non-pressurized) Bio Pond Filter with UV

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Brand: FishMate

SKU: Ani226


Fish mate Bio Pond Filter + UV

The Fish Mate combination UV and bio pond filter. Mechanical filtration with biological purification plus a built in UV sterlizer for crystal clear and purified water. Used as an out of pond filter, this gravity fed unit is both simple and effective. The UV tubes are positioned over the water, thus eliminating problems of safety, scaling, quartz tube replacement and frost damage associated with conventional U.V. clarifiers. UV cord 14'

Accepts hose sizes from 3/4" to 1.25"

Ani 226 compact with 8w UV *(up to 500 gallons)(max pump flow 250 gph)
Ani 336 small with 8w UV *(up to 800 gallons)(max pump flow 400 gph)
Ani 337 small with 16w UV *(up to 1200 gallons) (max pump flow 600 gph)
Ani 314 medium with 8w UV *(up to 2000 gallons) (max pump flow 1000 gph)
Ani 315 medium with 16w UV *(up to 3000 gallons) (max pump flow 1000 gph)

*Gallon capacity listed is for light fish load under ideal conditions. For ponds with heavy fish load or full sun increase the size of the filter to half of the pond size.
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